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      ABOUT US

      公司簡介 企業文化 榮譽資質


      Taizhou OuYaTe Tool Co. LTD. is located in the huangyan mould  intelligent town of Zhejiang Province, which is known as "the  Hometown of China's Mould". National Sales Service Centre is  located in the huangyan mould expo city of Zhejiang province. Its  north is Ningbo and its south is Wenzhou.Also,it is only 207  kilometers away from Hangzhou and is located in the center of  Zhejiang coastal industrial economic belt.The company mainly  produces a variety of high-cost cutting tools,including domestic  high-end steel casting CNC blades,Stainless steel CNC  blade,titanium alloy CNC blade, high-temperature alloy,steel  casting lathe cutting tools,Stainless steel lathe cutting tools, titanium alloy lathe cutting tools.
      The company is committed to  the research and development of CNC cutting tools for hard  materials,such as high hardness materials,high temperature alloy  material, stainless steel materials and titanium alloy  materials.It also provides high-quality tool solutions for  enterprises to solve practical problems!


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